Stoke St Michael Pre & Primary School Team


Chris Partridge
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead

    Special Educational Needs:

    Tracy Massey-Sturgess
    • SEND Leader

                   Christa Miell
    • ELSA 

      Bluebells Nursery and Reception Class:

      Stephanie Wyatt
      • Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher and Leader (Monday & Tuesday)

      Leah Riggs
      • Nursery Class Practitioner (Mondays - Thursdays)

      Svitlana Kulyk
      • Teaching Assistant (Monday - Thursdays AM &  All day Fridays)

      Acorns Class - Years 1 & 2:

      Josie Miell
      • Key Stage One Teacher 

      Katie Dredge
      • Teaching Assistant (Mondays - Fridays)

                   Karla Grainger    
      • Teaching Assistant (Monday - Thursday am)

                   Lucy Stott
      • Teaching Assistant (Monday-Friday pm)

      Chestnuts Class - Years 3 & 4:

      Jo Dymond
      • Lower Key Stage Two Teacher

          Karla Grainger
          • Teaching Assistant (Fridays AM)

                        Lana Kulyk
          • Teaching Assistant (Mondays - Thursdays AM)

          Owls Class - Years 5 & 6:

          • Upper Key Stage Two Teacher
          Christa Miell
          •  Teaching Assistant and ELSA 

          Federation P.E. Coach

          Gino Dicorato - Mondays
          Jade Luxford - Wednesdays
          Sarah Hill - Fridays 

          Creative Music Coach

          Jane Taylor

          Wrap Around Care and Club Leader 

                         Christa Miell
          • 8:00am - 4:30pm - five days a week

          Lunch Time Supervisors:

          Lucy Stott
          Christa Miell
          Karla Grainger

          Office Manager:

          Tamsyn Richardson-Aitken

          Office Clerk:

          Louise Trewren

          Finance Officer:

          Elaine Meaden


          Kelsey Todd