Wellbeing means feeling comfortable, healthy or happy.

When you look after your own wellbeing, you think about: 

  • how comfortable you are (both in your body and in your mind)
  • how healthy you are (both in your body
    and mind)
  • and how happy you are. 

Here are lots of activities that can help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and the world around you, that can help you to feel calmer, stronger and more positive, and that can help your mind and body to feel happier and healthier! 

Just click on the links below to download the activities:

  1. 101 Things to do at home whilst self-isolating
  2. Butterfly mindful colouring
  3. Calm-down brain break breathing exercise cards
  4. Calm jars activity sheet
  5. Wellbeing activity pack
  6. Many ways to share a hug
  7. Mindful breathing dot-to-dot
  8. Mindful colouring
  9. Mindfulness doodling sheets
  10. Mindful breathing with teddy
  11. Ninja walk
  12. Sense-create-walk
  13. Snail mindful colouring
  14. Superhero-me
  15. The 456 mindfulness challenge cards
  16. Thought clouds
  17. Mood monsters
  18. Turtle mindful colouring