Stoke St Michael Pupils

Our busy Stoke St Michael School Council is made up of two representatives from each class who meet once a month. Children vote for their Year group representatives on the school council and then make sure they express their views to the members prior to the meetings.

At our meetings we discuss children led topics. Sometimes we organise fund raising events to support charities or to buy something special for school. This year we have some incredible eco warriors who are determined to keep our school hedgerows clean and clear for the wild animals.

This is from one of our members;

"The School Council are pupils who help other pupils when they are finding stuff hard. School Council are children from each year group, one boy and one girl. We also discuss ideas about which fun toy, like a football post or a slide, that we could get for the school playground.

In our school we follow the Gem Powers: Ruby – Kindness, Emerald – learn from mistakes, Sapphire – ignoring distractions, Topaz – learning together, Amethyst – working with a partner and Diamond – overcome your problem.

Mrs Vincent asked School Council to create a Ruby power display, where we go out into the playground and if we find someone who has done a kind thing, we write their name down and put it on the display for everyone to see. We write their names on a post-it note shaped like a heart. Our display board is already looking very colourful with all the kind things children have done."

By Lily, Year 3 School Council pupil.

Watch this space for more up and coming projects led by our school council leaders.