Croscombe CofE Pupils

Croscombe CofE School Council is made up of two representatives from each of year groups 1 to 6, who meet several times each term.  meets with the council and writes our minutes.

At our meetings we discuss things which children put into our suggestion box. If we think they would be helpful to our school, we write to our head teacher to ask if it would be possible to organise. Recently someone suggested we have a replacement basketball hoop in our playground and another asked if we could restart our lunchtime film club as the weather is cold.

Sometimes we organise fund raising events to support charities or to buy something special for school. We have a friend in Ethiopia who we raise money for so that he can go to school.

Another of our tasks is to invite people from the local community to school events. Before Christmas we entertained the local senior citizens to an afternoon of carols and cakes. We served them tea and cakes, which children had made at school, while Key Stage 1 and 2 children sang some Christmas songs.