Croscombe CofE & Stoke St Michael Primary Federation Vision & Aims


Our vision is to provide an education that meets the needs of every child spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically in a peaceful and caring environment. At Croscombe, it is ensured that this is underpinned by our Christian foundation.


Our schools aim to:

  • Provide an inclusive environment in which pupils and staff can feel valued and secure, through the practice of values such as compassion, respect, tolerance, forgiveness and friendship.
  • Nurture open minded, imaginative, curious and confident individuals who are well-prepared for their next stage in life.
  • Develop each child's esteem, self-discipline and awareness of the opinions and values of others.
  • Enrich the whole curriculum so that all children can access and enjoy a variety of creative and cultural experiences.
  • Foster in each child an appreciation of their role within their community and the wider world, including their responsibility to care for the environment.

In addition, Croscombe School aims to promote an inclusive Christian ethos that will engage the development of the spiritual and moral needs of each child through the curriculum, school policies and close links with the church.

Croscombe Church of England Voluntary Aided School (CEVA)

Ethos Statement

Recognizing the historic foundation, the schools will preserve and develop the religious character of Croscombe Church of England Primary School in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

The schools aim to serve their communities by providing an education of the highest possible quality and, for Croscombe Church of England Primary, within the context of Christian belief and practice. An understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotion of Christian values will be encouraged through the experience offered to pupils at Croscombe Church of England Primary.


This means that Croscombe CEVA Primary School will endeavour to be a community of learners through Christian care, collaboration, curiosity and contribution:

  • caring for others, making them welcome, being friendly, helping others, considering others and their feelings;
  • working together cooperatively, sharing ideas, taking turns, listening to others, being prepared to lead and to follow;
  • looking out for others, being interested in God, life and the world;
  • being willing to help, answer questions and try new ideas with confidence.

Approved by the Governing Body, 12 July 2016