World Poetry Day

School celebrates all things poetry

On Monday 21st March it was World Poetry Day! It is a whole day dedicated to the wonderful form of literature.

Poetry is arguably one of our most treasured forms of expression. Poems can be simple or complex, they can challenge traditional ideas or convey different emotions. When it comes to poetry any idea can be portrayed in a powerful way.

In school the children have been speaking lots about poets and poems. Some of the pupils even attempted writing their own poems.

Here is a beautiful poem called 'The World I See' written by Amelie in Year 5:

'My roots pierce through the soggy soil, while I watch the sun as it boils. I watch sycamore's helicopters fly past my face, I watch the vines and ivy tangle up like a shoe lace. I smile while watching mythical creatures pass me like trolls, but I cry my sour, golden sap tears while I watch my family burn with coal. I play with children the children while they climb up me, and I stand up straight while the grownups have tea. I watch the fairy's wings sparkle in the sun, and my nose twitches while I watch through the window and smell the glorious savoury bun. I frown while the dog pees, and I watch my children grow up and I wonder if they will have a good life like me.'


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