British Legion Poppy Appeal

Conkers taking responsibility for Royal British Legion and Poppy Appeal!

This year marks the 100th anniversary of both the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal which has a focus on care, peace, and hope. The children in Conkers have taken responsibility for our poppy appeal; 'The red box is feeling heavy!' Harry. ' 'We are helping the people who came back from war.' Mia.

The poem, ‘In Flanders Fields’, written in 1915, by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (a Canadian physician), inspired the poppy emblem. In the poem it speaks of poppies blowing amid rows of crosses. The poppy was also one of the first flowers to grow on land torn apart by the horror of war, becoming, like the cross for Christians, a symbol of hope and restoration. The children in Conkers have been studying the poem and reflecting on its use of symbolism.


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