Ash Wednesday Assembly

School assembly reflections

Wednesday marked the start of Lent, the 40 day period of preparation before Christians remember the death and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. 

As a school, with our parents and carers included, we gathered and the children were able to share their understanding of the major Christian themes surrounding Easter.

We launched this term's Jigsaw PSRHE theme 'Healthy Me' and spoke about the importance of making healthy choices to maintain both our physical and mental health.

Finally we discussed and then reflected on the war being inflicted upon Ukraine. One of our pupils with proud Ukrainian heritage, allowed us to share the the coat of arms of Ukraine, a blue shield with a gold trident, that his grandfather made for him. We put it in pride of place in the hall. 

Our Christian theme for this term is 'Courage' and we recognized the courage of the Ukrainian people in the face of an angry dictator. We recognized that one of the most important values that we have in The UK is being able to choose who runs our country and how fortunate that made us. 

We asked God to look after the innocent people of Ukraine.


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