Celebrating Gentleness

We take time to reflect... 

While emerging from the pandemic we can look back on a tough time had by all and recognise that great care and kindness is what helped us all through. As a school we have been reflecting upon the Christian qualities that come with this, such as being gentle. Below are 7 habits shown by gentle people which we believe need celebrating.

1. Be Conscious of Your Feelings.
We don’t always like to confront how we really feel about things. We are often quick to sugar coat and gloss over our natural emotional response to people and situations. But the gentle spirit acknowledges the truth of what is being felt.

2. Use the Space between Stimulus and Response.
Gentle people make and embrace the time and space between something happening and when the respond to it. Christians may ask themselves, ‘What would Jesus do?’

3. Allow Yourself to Care.
Simply acknowledge and allow yourself to care. It is so easy to become disenfranchised and switch off your heart.

4. Take your Focus Deeper.
Ask yourself why does this situation matter? Why is this person important? Find reasons that ignite a positive motivation.

5. Decide What You are Going to Do.
Rather than reacting, gentle spirits embrace their ability to choose.

6. Follow Up with Anyone Else Affected.
Making human connections is what breeds gentleness. 

7. Record your Experiences.
Gentle people observe themselves, other people, and the situations they experience. Reflecting on these things is an important part of learning and growing. The more that you intentionally acknowledge your responses to things the more control you will have over them next time.

 A lovely prayer that we believe reflects upon our focus on gentleness is:

Heavenly God, grant me a gentle, strong spirit

Heavenly God, grant me a gentle, strong voice

Heavenly God, grant me a gentle, strong presence

Heavenly God, thank you for your gentle strength

Heavenly God, help me to stay centered in your gentle spirit

Founded on strength and prompted by love.



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