Let's Count! Census 2021

Data collection time.

As part of the Recovery Curriculum, Owl Class decided to join in with 'Let's Count!' Census 2021. We considered what to count and why?  "How about items outdoors?" we wondered and realised that we needed to do an audit for our gardening club.  We counted spades, pots, chickens (chickens?) trees, logs, seeds and more.  

After creating tally charts, bar charts and pie charts with the information, we analysed the data and wrote to our fantastic PTA who replied with new trowels, forks, potato bags and a big, black wheelbarrow!

In addition to our own statistics, we also looked at some historical figures and learnt how data collection can be useful for infrastructure planning for towns and cities. Maybe one day, our census data will be in the history books too!

(Please see our YouTube channel for a mini video!)


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